Advice for applications ranging from job searches, cover letters, CVs and references through to performing well at job interviews! 

Still searching for a job or already found your dream job on our job portal and now need advice on job applications and interviews? We are happy to advise you and provide tips on how to find your new dream job in the hotel industry and how to successfully apply for a job at Althoff Hotels!

Searching the right way

Our job search enables you to find all current vacancies for Althoff Hotels. Vacancies are updated daily.

An exception are hotel internships. These are not advertised. If you are interested in a school or student internship at Althoff Hotels, please contact the respective hotels directly. Hotels and contact persons can be found here.

You can’t find any vacancies that suit you? 

Tip 1:
Expand your search. There might be a vacancy for you in a neighbouring town or possibly in a different department. We enable transfers within the Company. This will give you opportunities to switch to your desired position later.

Tip 2:
If you don’t find what you are looking for, send an unsolicited application via our application portal or an email to karriere(at)althoffhotels.com. Include your CV, ideally also a cover letter and your certificates in a PDF document (max. 8 MB).

Job applications made easy

The easiest way to apply to Althoff Hotels is to use our online application system. Online applications ensure that your application goes straight to the right person and can be appropriately processed.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Your CV should provide a good overview of your educational qualifications and professional experience. A good CV contains the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Relevant professional experience with a brief description of responsibilities
  • Information on school education from secondary school onwards
  • Additional qualifications such as language and IT skills


Our interviews usually take place directly at the Althoff Hotel where you have applied for a vacancy. 

This has particular advantages for you: 

  • You get the opportunity to see your future workplace
  • You get to know your colleagues and supervisors

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have. Most importantly, be yourself, because we value your personality. To initially get to know each, we can also arrange an online interview.

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What different types of jobs are available at Althoff Hotels? 

We are constantly looking for staff who are passionate about the hotel industry. We offer a broad spectrum of jobs in all areas:

  • Administration
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Business Development
  • Convention Sales
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Front Office
  • Hotel management
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen
  • Human Resources
  • IT (only in the Head Office)
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Reservation & Revenue Management
  • Sales
  • Service (à la carte, Banquet, Breakfast, Room Service)
  • Stewarding

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What are the requirements for joining Althoff Hotels? 

If you are a good host and have a passion for the hospitality industry, then we are the right place for you. You should also enjoy working in multicultural teams and be willing to work in different departments. We are also happy to support career changers in getting a start in the hotel industry, so everyone is welcome here from experienced professionals to career starters. Specific requirements for specific vacancies can be found in the job advertisements in the job search.

Is it worth applying when I have not yet completed my training/studies in the hotel industry? 

A definite YES! You are also welcome to apply even if you have no training or work experience in the hotel industry. We help career changers get a start in the hotel industry with in-depth induction and training at the Althoff Academy. Perhaps you want to learn the profession from the beginning – we also actively support you in this.

What benefits do Althoff Hotels offer their staff? 

The staff are very important to us. They the heart of our Company. We therefore offer a wide range of attractive benefits. Here are the benefits and opportunities for personal development:

More Benefits

The Althoff Academy

Althoff as employer

When can I apply for new hotel openings? 

We usually start recruiting around 3-4 months before the opening of a hotel. The vacancies are then advertised directly online. You can find them all here on the website. Do you want to apply for a new hotel opening, even though the jobs have not yet been advertised? No problem – use the unsolicited application options. Send us an e-mail to karriere(at)althoffhotels.com. Include your CV, ideally also a cover letter and your certificates in a PDF document (max. 8 MB).

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Why do we prefer online applications? 

Recruitment is decentralised and takes place directly in the local hotels. To ensure your application gets sent to the right person, we use an online application system.

Can I also apply by post or e-mail? 

Please use our online application system for applications. This will ensure that your application reaches the right persons directly and that your application gets processed promptly. If an online application is not possible, you can also send us an e-mail . Send postal applications directly to the relevant hotel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone.
You can find the contact persons in our hotels here.

How can I apply online? 

All our vacancies can be found on our online job portal. Our vacancy advertisements always include an “Apply” button. This will take you straight to our online application system. Only a few personal details are required to apply online. Smartphones or tablets can also be used. The application process only takes around three minutes. Your documents, such as the cover letter and CV, can be uploaded later. 

Are the advertised vacancies current vacancies? 

Yes. Our job advertisements are updated daily on our website and are online until the vacancy has been filled. We then deactivate the advertisement. ALL vacant jobs are advertised.

Is an unsolicited application worthwhile?  

A definite YES. All vacancies are posted on our website. If you cannot find a vacancy that suits, send an e-mail to karriere(at)althoffhotels.com. Include your CV, ideally also a cover letter and your certificates in a PDF document (max. 8 MB).

I could not find a suitable job advertisement. What can I do? 

Send an e-mail to karriere(at)althoffhotels.com. Include your CV, ideally also a cover letter and your certificates in a PDF document (max. 8 MB). bei (max. 8 MB).

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What happens after my application has been received? 

After receipt of your application, you will receive immediate e-mail confirmation. Your application will then be checked by the relevant person in charge at the hotel. You will receive feedback from us as soon as possible. If any documents are missing, upload them to the online application system as soon as possible. Only then can we get a complete picture of you. Thank you. 

How long will it take before I get a reply? 

We always try to provide feedback on your application as quickly as possible. Your points of contact are the HR managers in the hotels. If a response is taking too long, you can personally contact the hotels or the HR department at the Head Office in Cologne.

What should I do if I am not available on the proposed interview date? 

First of all, congratulations on being invited to the interview! We look forward to eventually meeting you in person! Reply to the e-mail delivered to you with the proposed date and time, and arrange another date and time. It would be helpful if you could also suggest a date and time that suits you best. Thank you. If you need to cancel at short notice, please directly inform your point of contact by phone.

You can find your points of contact in our hotels here.


What internships do Althoff Hotels offer? 

Althoff Hotels offers internships in Germany, Switzerland and France – both for school students for career orientation, and for university students during their studies. The duration of an internship is agreed individually. 

How do I apply for an internship at Althoff Hotels? 

Internships at our hotels are offered locally rather than centrally. For this reason, contact the relevant Althoff Hotel if you are interested in an internship. Hotels and contact persons can be found here. The local HR manager will then make individual arrangements with you.

What types of vocational training does Althoff Hotels offer? 

We offer vocational training in Germany and Switzerland. In Germany, there is also the option of a dual study programme. You can find information on our vocational training programmes and university cooperations here.

Does Althoff Hotels also offer dual study programmes? 

Yes. We work together with several universities:

  • IU International University – dual studies in tourism management and culinary management, distance learning programme in hotel management
  • DHBW Ravensburg – dual studies in business administration with a focus on tourism, hotel industry, gastronomy
  • FHDW Bergisch Gladbach – dual studies in business administration with a focus on tourism and event management or tourism and hotel management

You can find information on our vocational training programmes and university cooperations here.

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