YOU are what’s important

Whatever a company’s mission statement says, it needs to be embraced by everyone involved, otherwise it remains just empty words. We know this. That’s why it’s important for us to show you how much we appreciate you. Staff benefits include

Overnight stays in all hotels at team, family and friends rates

Skiing in Davos, mountain biking in Lucerne, sailing on Lake Tegern, a fish roll in Hamburg, half a chicken in Cologne, English tea time in London or a champagne rosé in St. Tropez? Althoff Hotels has establishments in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and France, and the Althoff team and relatives can stay in all of them at favourable staff rates.

Staff rates in all F&B outlets and spas

Althoff is known for its exceptional cuisine. We also want our staff to benefit from this. We offer up to 50% discount in all F&B outlets. We also have something for those who like to be pampered. In all spas, colleagues receive up to 20% discount on beauty treatments and products.

Bonus for recruitment referrals

We are always happy when a new member joins the team! Anyone recruiting a new member of staff from among their friends, acquaintances or relatives will receive a “finder’s reward” of up to EUR / CHF 1,000 per referral.

Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries

Every member of staff receives a birthday gift, and for special anniversaries they can choose from our anniversary gift catalogue.

Health days with health checks

The health of each individual is important to us. We therefore hold regular health days and preventive check-ups in every hotel. These include workshops on correct posture, spinal measurements and quick massages for our staff. Fresh smoothies and healthy food options are also included.

JobRad bicycle leasing

We cooperate with JobRad to give staff the opportunity to lease a bicycle or e-bike at low prices. The bike can be a mountain bike, a racing bike, a bike for the city or an e-bike for longer leisure rides. You not only get to choose and to do something good for yourself, but also for the environment.

Healthy meals in the hotel’s own in-house Team Bistros

Healthy food keeps body and soul together. Our Team Bistros place special emphasis on providing a balanced diet for staff. Salads, soups, fish, meat and desserts. Everyone will find a favourite meal here.

Individual development and support of our staff

To provide the perfect hospitality you need talent and good training. Well-trained staff are Althoff Hotels’ most important resource for future success. As part of our Althoff Academy, we provide over 100 different training modules in face-to-face and online courses offering national and international career prospects.

Althoff House of Culture – tailor-made for you

Individual management and management trainee programme

The Althoff Academy’s programme for managers is all about managing yourself and others in a purposeful, successful and motivating way. Our leadership courses will help you to expand your skills in specific ways and thus make the challenging task of leadership easier for you.

Team events & Team Days

We know how to celebrate! We work together on making Althoff Hotels successful and so we also celebrate the successes together. Each hotel holds a summer party or a Christmas party or annual kick-off. There are also regular team outings, e.g., bowling evenings and pizza meals.

Team Days are part of the Althoff House of Culture and aim to create a common culture of values-based leadership in all Althoff Hotels. Team Days take place once a year in each hotel with the department heads.

Regular staff satisfaction surveys

The future of Althoff Hotels is something the entire team works on together. The staff are at the heart of everything we do. Their opinions and ideas are very important. We want to work together to have an impact on the future of the hotel industry. We therefore regularly carry out staff satisfaction surveys among the staff. This gives the entire team the opportunity to rate Althoff Hotels, voice criticism, make suggestions for improvements and comment on new ideas. After each survey, an action plan is drawn up on how we can take even better care of the well-being of our staff.

Educational trips, parents’ evenings and career days for all trainees and dual students

Every year, there is either an educational trip or a parents’ evening for all trainees and dual students. The organisation is the responsibility of the trainees locally. The variety is therefore very great.

Our annual trainee career day is also held with all trainees and dual students in their final year of training / final semester. Our directors meet with potential career starters and show opportunities for starting a career in the hotels – having fun and networking are guaranteed.

Transfer options & transfer bonuses

Expanding your horizons. Would you like a change? Are you looking for new goals? No problem. We will be happy to support in taking the next step in one of our affiliated hotels! You retain all your benefits, such as holiday pay and Christmas bonus. Your length of service will also be carried over.

You receive a one-time transfer bonus of EUR/CHF 1,000.

Task force teams for hotel openings and cross training

Do you fancy a “change of air”? We also offer staff options in this regard. For example, you can support hotel openings as part of a task force or take a look beyond your own department in cross-training (in-house and external).


Our Company has a constant need for communications within and between hotels. We therefore created the ATRIUM as a forum that offers you easy access to all information about the Company, pre-openings, exciting career opportunities as well as workshops and courses from the Althoff Academy. It allows all Althoff staff to connect across hotels, sharing pictures, stories and news with each other.

We also let you...

  • Take responsibility 
  • Contribute your own ideas and further advance our Company 

And we provide you with …

  • A tailor-made, personal induction into the respective department
  • A secure job

Career made by Althoff! Interested?
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