Corporate philosophy


We are guided by appreciation, passion, excellence, fairness and style. By following these, guests become the focus of our actions enabling us to make Althoff Hotels places of well-being and enjoyment. Our principles ensure respectful interaction wherever guests and staff encounter each other. 

Althoff Hotels is an owner-managed family business. 

We take personal responsibility for our guests.

The individual characters of our hotels all have the aim of offering exceptional service, style and culinary delights.  

Our work is based on a clearly defined agreement on values between guests, staff and partners.


WE ARE TEAM PLAYERS. Each member of our team contributes to our success and is respected as a valuable member.

WE ARE EQUALS. We are open, respectful and supportive of each other. We take on challenges together.

WE ARE ENABLERS. We support each individual to combine family, private life and work.

WE ARE ROLE MODELS. We don’t just talk, we do what we say. We make decisions together and implement them together.

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