Corporate values


Values are the foundation of our community. We see ourselves as a team of employees, guests, partners and owners. Appreciation, passion, excellence and fairness characterise the style of our houses.


We are passionate about hospitality, and it shows in everything we do. Innovative, committed and enthusiastic. As team players, we are always one step ahead of our guests' wishes.


We enjoy excellent service and high quality. This is reflected in the standard of our work: together we create lasting experiences of personal hospitality.


The well-being of our guests is our main focus. To achieve this, we like to take a step back with relaxed self-confidence. Our sensitivity and politeness also distinguish us when the guest is not looking.


We act fairly and treat everyone equally. Our guests, colleagues and business partners can rely on us to take responsibility for people and the environment.


We treat everyone, without exception, respectfully and attentively, with appreciation and at eye level - our guests, our colleagues and ourselves. We live and promote individuality and diversity.

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